Our Vision

Dear friends of nature, inspired by the books of Anastasia we have found that a life in harmony with nature is very possible. We have often asked ourselves: what is our purpose? What fills us and how can we all lead a life of love and harmony? How can we all live self-determined, self-sufficient, independent and free?

The answer: A family seat - Our Space of love!

What is the Space of love?

The space of love is a family country seat. By now, there are already hundreds of whole family country settlements with many family country seats. Russia is here, as an example, very far ahead.

The space of love is also intended for our children and grandchildren. For all other generations. It's about being in touch with his ancestors. Plants and trees are planted and countless animals find their habitat there. It is a life in connection with the earth, with nature and with all animals.

This family seat provides us with everything we need. We receive organic fruits and vegetables and, depending on how we want to live, can grow what our hearts desire. Due to the very close connection to mother nature and to the plants in the family estate, the vegetables are very energetic and adapt to the family living there and their bodies (need for different vitamins, minerals, etc.). This allows an exceptional healthy diet, far from consumption and discount stores. Of course you can also keep animals or plant your own forest. Of course, chickens, goats, sheep, bees and many other animals find their place to live.

In this way, we are creating a bit more green on this wonderful planet and saving a bit more from industrial use.


Our goal?

First and foremost, it is about "Buy Land and make it free" so that we give Mother Earth back her land and allow us to live on it, of course, in harmony with her. In this way, we prevent industry and companies from spreading further, destroying land, and thus creating sustainable natural habitats for man, animals and nature over the long term.

We want to create a place to live! Not only for us, but also for the many people and families, we want to give them their space of love, where, for example: Building a house from natural materials can also create vegetable beds, plant fruit trees, plant cedars, oaks and other trees, hedges, shrubs and a variety of flowers. It is supposed to create a wonderful settlement where one helps one another, exchanges goods (vegetables / fruit from the garden), spends a lot of time in the community but still has his private space -> The family seat

Our next and bigger vision on our country estate/settlement is: Welcome people who are looking for a place of rest or just want to sneak into life in a family country seat. We want to inspire and inspire people for such a life.

In addition, a "Center for Awareness Awakening" is to be created by giving people access to their natural abilities again. We speak of the abilities, as it is in the books of Anastasia.

We want a settlement where people live with each other and Mother Nature in peace, love and harmony, where they help each other and celebrate the wonderful life.

Family country seats for a better future

Together with you we want to create a common space for people, animals and plants. A room where everyone lives self-determined for himself and his family living according to his wishes. However, there is always the possibility of a society in its neighborhood to grow even more together.

Let's change the world together for Mother Earth.

You, too, can become a pioneer and a part of the forward-looking vision and together with us make this vision a reality. We and you have different ideas and everyone can contribute in their own way.

If you want to support us but do not know how to do it right now - then crowdfunding is a wonderful opportunity for us:

If you have any further ideas or suggestions, please contact us.

From the heart you all love