Our settlement - F.A.Q.´s

We want to life in a Family-Seat-Village with lovely and conscious people where we can build up something together. We have some thoughts, how can a Family-Seat-Village look like.

We please you, before you inform yourself here, to read our vision. Here are some topics that are important to us for a settlement.

It will answer questions in advance by itself. This should be a better get-acquainted and immersed in our idea / concept / vision. Maybe you'll find yourself in it again.

How much land does everyone receive?

The goal is that every person/family get 1 hectare of land (10,000 square meters). This one hectare is absolutely sufficient for a self-determined and self-sufficient life in harmony with Mother Nature.
There is enough space on this hectare for a small pond / lake, a forest, fruit trees and vegetable beds, the house, yurt or whatever should be there. Everyone is completely free.

The respective family receives a lifelong and intergenerational right of residence for themselves and their own descendants, without a time limit. A sale is not possible! Should e.g. As a result of their demise, the descendants are no longer available or, for certain reasons, they can no longer continue the family seat, the family seat returns to the community and is made available to another family.

How does it work with the probationary and the trial seat?

Everyone who is sure and wants to become part of the community receives, as described above, lifelong and generational one hectare of land of his wishes (of course, only the choice is available, which is also available). For the beginning time there is a probationary period of 2 years. In this time, we can all get to know each other better and all feel clean, if we fit together and how the common life in the community is like that.
After this time, all settlement members will decide together (according to our "100% decision principle"), whether someone may stay or, unfortunately, has to leave. During this probationary period there is no right of co-decision on the Community decision-making issues. Of course, everyone is welcome to bring forward their topics, ideas and wishes, which we then discuss together.

Trial Seat:
A wonderful and alternative idea for those who are serious about becoming part of our settlement but not sure is the probationary seat. Here, a smaller piece of land is provided (500 square meters - 1,500 square meters), where you can even get a taste of family country life and living in harmony with Mother Earth. In 2 years on the Probelandsitz, you can grow and make the garden in your own sense, as you would like it. Almost let off steam and try out, if the whole thing is for yourself. You can live in a caravan, trailer, yurt etc. It is completely up to each individual. So you can become part of the settlement and decide for yourself if it is the life you want to lead and we can see if we all fit together. After the 2 years there is the possibility to change to a 1-hectare land to continue what was started. Of course, the time on the test bench seat is also the probationary period.

Will there be a community center?

As the center of the settlement, a community house is built, if it does not already exist. In this house decisions are made together, problems and topics are discussed and solutions are found. The building should also be a space for a free school, in the distant future. 

What is the "Center for conscious awakening"?

Another center should be the "center for conscious awakening". A place where you can find your right and forgotten abilities. A place, the connection to our heart, to our soul and to our source.

There will be various offers for the development of consciousness here. Everyone in this center can pursue their own abilities.

Can you visit us?

Visits are only possible at our public festivals and events. Maybe there will be small huts or a motorhome meadow, where interested after prior registration and small Obolus (for the community fund), may be a few days (this is currently only an idea and in planning).

What kind of people do we want?

We wish for self-determined and committed people, who love to carry in themselves and to pass on to others. People who want to help build the settlement, create a positive future for our planet and make pioneers work. We aspire to a way of life as in the books "Anastasia" by Vladimir Megre.

"Buy land an make it free" - what is it?

The purpose of "Buy land an make it free" is that we mother have to return their land and return it. In this way, we prevent industry and companies from spreading further, creating sustainable habitats for humans, animals and nature.

How do we make decisions?

With us there is ONLY and only the "100% decision principle". This means that 100% must be for it; the decision or the decision does not take place.
Example: A vote is made e.g. for the purchase of a community solar system positive only if ALL (100%) vote for it. The part that voted against is widely consulted and the concerns and arguments are discussed and put forward throughout the Community. This not only creates a solution, but also an open and honest communication where nobody is ignored. Everyone is listened to and new ideas can arise.

How does self-sufficiency and nutrition work?

Aim of our life on a family country seat, is u.a. of course, the self-sufficiency and the resulting diet. In the books Anastasia it is beautifully written: "Nature offers us everything we need to live". Of course, we too will always, especially at the beginning, buy in certain foods, e.g. Wheat flour / spelled flour / etc, but the self-sufficiency should be in the foreground with delicious food from their own garden. In our settlement you do not have to be a vegan, vegetarian or meat eater. Everyone is allowed to decide for themselves what and how they want to eat.

What is the Guardian Principle?

No one is forced to do any work or tasks. Everyone is responsible for his country estate.
Everything else is voluntary and works according to the guardian principle. Should someone have an idea, e.g. we make a sister circle and the one who wants to "guard" so lead, he / she bears the responsibility, but also makes the respective decisions in your sense, as far as the project is concerned - in this case, the "sister circle" - alone. The organization for this project is also the responsibility of the guardian.

Are drugs and alcohol allowed?

No! We dissociate ourselves from drugs of all kinds. In case of abnormalities, quarrels or anything else that has arisen on the basis of alcohol or drug use, the community will meet and find a solution or a way of healing together with the person concerned. In the worst case, this can also mean leaving the community / settlement and the consequent loss of the family seat.

If you want to get high, sing, dance and enjoy life!

How about the school?

For the next years, a free school is planned which is to be developed in the parish hall, which is then also run by the respective school guardians. More details are still in the making.

Is there a legal or company form for the project?

Currently we do not have a valid legal form. Once we have found the place and the country and settle there, then it will be decided which legal form (company, club, miscellaneous) we will accept. This depends, inter alia. from the advantages of the respective legal form for our project.

Where will the settlement arise?

We can not say that yet. We are searching for. There are many factors that we take into consideration: political situation, taxes and laws, land prices, neighbors, soil quality, forest cover, nature, nuclear power plants and other external and environmental factors. It may well be that we find the right place abroad, because often the conditions there are simply better.

How can I join in and what does it cost me?

Anyone can join in and become part of the wonderful settlement. It is not necessarily about money - we also give away hectares of people and families who are interested, really want to participate, but have no money. We definitely find a solution and already have some ideas. You can apply over email: spirit@spirit-family.org

The long-term goal is to "buy land an make it free" as much as possible to create enough space for the country estates and to give Mother Earth tons of land back. For this we need money. To deny this would be nonsense, since we currently live in a very money-driven society. This kind of energy is used in this respect for what is sustainable and absolutely meaningful, and money is wonderful for that.

As a first step, we are in the process of collecting 20,000-30,000 EUR so that we can use this money to buy the land, thus founding our settlement and the first estates. However, we only need 1-4 hectares as a family and for the core project (parish hall, probation seats, school, etc) - the remainder left over from the purchase of land becomes one hectare each to families and people living in the settlement want to join, provided or even given.

The following costs will depend on the country and location where we have our settlement created.

The cost of a trial seat (500qm²-1,500qm²) will be between € 100-500 per annum.

The cost of one hectare (10,000qm²) for the family estate will be between € 5,000-20,000. You get a lifelong and intergenerational housing right for his family and the descendants. Additional costs per year: Only the land tax for 10.000qm (the amount depends on the country (example: Romania it would be 0 € land tax)) + a small lump sum for the settlement fund (max 500 €) for community purchases (such as washing machine, etc)

As mentioned, all costs will depend on the country, location and the tax / legal requirements of each country.

Can I join in if I have no money / reserves?

YES! Even so you can join, but the application procedure takes a little longer. For this you would have to apply normally and we would then tell you in a personal conversation, the processes that are necessary.

How and what is possible individually after the application phase and the probationary period is decided individually and a solution or possibility is found together in the community.

You can apply over email: spirit@spirit-family.org