Nearly 5 years ago, we found ourselves, experienced many ups and downs and discovered together a dream that has been dormant in every one of us for ever - traveling as well as the love of Mother Earth. We have experienced a lot, visited countries, lived in the car for weeks, and then through encounters we find our destiny -> family country seats.

We are the Spirit Family: Nancy, Flo, our 2 kids and Maya our dog. A fun and crazy natural family.

Together for Mother Earth! - We live in a time of change. Many people and animals now need support and we can learn to life together - as a community to express our creative creativity so that Mother Earth will become again the wonderful and peaceful planet it once was.

The keyword is family country seats. There, families create a space of love for themselves and their children and children's children. You can find more details here on our homepage.

In our blog you will learn how the progress is, what is happening on the way, what we are experiencing, where we live and all about our way to our family country.

We look forward to one common way with you!